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.Saturday, July 18, 2009 ' 9:07 PM Y

its been a hectic week . everyday working non stop . how i wish all work will cease and a holiday to come . i use to believe tat i would work de quality and quantity for wat im paid for. but nw its different . sometimes u work too hard for u department and ppl will start to say tat u r showing off.

its really difficult . its both mentally and physically tiring.

its de same @ work , home and relationship.

how i wish i could sleep my day away.

~ I Love Show ~

.Monday, January 19, 2009 ' 4:29 AM Y

so long nvr blog le... whahaxx...
updates abt my life.
everythin still okay. normal ba.
i dunno y @ this time i FeeL Like i love u much more den b4.
sry for nt being able to give u wat u want everytime.but i promise when i have de ability to earn , i'll try to provide u wit de best i can.
being a sect com isnt easy @ all..
human alone can be very complicated. i hope tat i can conquer them .
its been a long while since i catch up wit my sec sch frenx. hope cny will be de time we'll catch up.
tats all for nw.. whahax... jus packed my wardrobe . such a huge sense of satisfaction in myself nw.. whahax...

~ I Love Show ~

.Friday, November 21, 2008 ' 7:02 PM Y

wat does a friend mean to me ??? it means tat he or she understands wat u r thinkin abt ..

will rmb u not onli in need.

no matter hw busy he or she is , they will still rmb ur birthday..

giving u a blessing .

all these left me in thought. am i forgotten ? onli remembered when in need ?


jus failed my btt... whahax. nvr study...

tmr still have to go ept . sianx.

sun still got duty . more sians.

next yr 21 le. its time to get more matured le .

~ I Love Show ~

.Sunday, July 20, 2008 ' 3:55 PM Y

051104.. time flies.

four years ago we were so happy... honey moon period..

these four years u were so good to me!!!!!!!!!! very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've let u go again and again...\
hurt u times and times.

this time ... u really left.

left for good.

i'll b happy for u ...

put behind de scars of hurt and pursue ur own happiness..

u take care....

i love u .

~ I Love Show ~

.Monday, July 14, 2008 ' 8:52 PM Y

its marks de end of de story.

complete end.

cant slp ytd.

very tired and shagged.

whr cn i find money?????????

~ I Love Show ~

tOk aH...Y
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